Ticket(s) contains security measures. 21+ only with valid government issued ID.  All Sales are final.  Damaged or altered tickets are invalid. Tickets have no cash value. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. If you arrive after 10:30pm you may not be admitted to the venue until after midnight. Please arrive early. Preferred presale ticket and VIP lines end at 10pm sharp. Your purchase of tickets and/or attendance at this event acknowledges that you accept complete and unqualified responsibility for the health & safety of your property and your person. You acknowledge that photography will be present and you consent to having your image used. You further agree that if you do something careless, reckless or stupid you deserve whatever unfortunate results occur and you will take complete legal, financial and personal responsibility for that and any effect those decisions/actions have on others (and for God sakes don't drink and drive). Please remember cabs are essentially impossible to get on New Years; if you don't have a plan to drive sober, a designated driver or plan on walking, please don't come to the party. We party safe or not at all! Videos referenced on the site are purely for promotional use and imply no connection to or endorsement by any other company, event or organization. Finally you agree any conflict over this agreement, our policies or your actions will be subject to binding arbitration. If you read that far congrats on your attention to detail!  Now lets do the dang thing! :)


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